Manufacturing process

Our production began in 1996 with the process of sunflower seeds cold pressing. In 2003, driven by the motivation and enthusiasm to create a natural product, and with the help and experience of Prof. Mechenov, we reconstructed the process.

High-quality sunflower seeds are selected for production. Through a seed elevator, the seeds enter the aspirator system for removal of weeds, and then pass through a magnet where metal contaminates are removed. The next operation is aspiration to de-hull the seeds and separate the sunflower kernel from its shell. The de-hulled seeds go through a 4-roller mill. This is followed by moisture treatment, roasting and compression with auger presses. From the presses, the sunflower oil passes through a coarse and fine filter and the result is edible sunflower oil under the brand of "Natural Sunflower Oil / Charlan / DEBAR PREMIUM".

In order to refine the DEBAR PREMIUM all-natural sunflower oil /Sharlan/, the sunflower seed shells are used as a fuel source; the hulls go to a boiler for combustion and steam production. The all-natural sunflower oil is then heated in a cooker to a temperature between 40°C and 55°C. After cooking the oil is dried in a deodorizer-dryer and filtration is done to remove mechanical sludge with AMA filters. Our all-natural sunflower oil is refined exclusively with only the steam from the boiler. After filtration, it is ready for consumption under the brand “DEBAR PREMIUM Refined Sunflower Oil”.