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DEBAR PREMIUM DEBAR PREMIUM is a manufacturer of high-quality refined sunflower oil, all-natural sunflower oil /Sharlan/ and sunflower expeller /sunflower oil cake/.

Our production tradition dates back to 1996, when we started the process of shelled sunflower seeds cold pressing. What makes us unique is the hexane and gasoline-free extraction, resulting in natural products without any additional oil-extracting chemical agents. Our production plant has a pressing, refining, bottling and packaging facilities and a laboratory of our own.


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Manufacturing process

Our production began in 1996 with the process of sunflower seeds cold pressing. In 2003, driven by the motivation and enthusiasm to create a natural product, and with the help and experience of Prof. Mechenov, we reconstructed the process.


DEBAR PREMIUM has its own laboratory working in compliance with the provisions of the Bulgarian State Standard /BDS/.

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Delicious and easy recipes with DEBAR PREMIUM

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